Hi there. My name is Valentin Naegeli. No idea how you got to this corner of the internet, but hey, nice you're here.

I'm generally interested in technology, communication, engineering, economics, design, the world and its inhabitants.

That's why I'm a marketing dude, sales guy, part-time pm and hardware engineer all at the same time at Apps with love.

If you'd like to connect for work-related reasons, you can find me on LinkedIn, if that's a thing you're into.

When not working, I like to tinker with stuff. Occasionally, I build silly things, mostly on codepen these days.

When not at home, I like to travel. I do not equally as much like taking pictures. But sometimes I take one at least.

So, thanks for having a look at the site. Also: Thanks Linode for the reliable hosting and codepen for beeing a great frontend IDE.